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How to Write a Financial Plan and a Business Plan

Getting Started

WikiCrea understands that creating a business is hard work, and above all, that it involves developing a financial plan and a business plan. After you’ve decided upon your business concept, it’s time to get down to the details: research and planning. Your business plan and your financial plan are two documents that are essential to getting started on your business ventures, but developing them comes with certain challenges. WikiCrea is here to offer you tools, articles, and templates to make creating your company easier and more intuitive, featuring free Excel business templates.

What Kind of Company Should You Create?

When you’re starting a company, it’s important to understand exactly what kind of company you’ll be founding, and where. If you’re in the UK, you’ll be wondering whether you’re more of a Sole Trader or a Private Limited Company, for instance. And for tax and administrative purposes, it’s important that you familiarize yourself with the nitty-gritty of start-up administration. Check out our articles on starting up in the UK for more information about your tax obligations and business category choices. Conversely, if you’re thinking about starting up in the United States, be sure to take a look at our article discussing the common business structures there, and the pros and cons of each, as well as our growing section on Starting Up in the USA. Be sure to stay tuned for more information about launching your business venture in the UK, the US, and elsewhere in the anglophone world !

 Researching and Testing Your Plan

Creating a business is all about deciding on a great idea and running with it — but it’s a marathon, not a sprint! Along with our free Excel business templates, you can also check out our collection of articles demystifying the details of researching, marketing, and maintaining your goods and services. Whether you need insight and tips on visual merchandising or marketing research, WikiCrea is here to give you the information that you need in order to start-up successfully, from marketing interviews to art direction.

Was I Made to be an Entrepreneur?

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was your company. From building company culture, to being a good supervisor, to knowing the dirty details of your tax and legal obligations, entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart — but you already knew that. Be sure to check out our articles on promoting positive workplace culture, such as being the best boss you can be or keeping office meetings as productive and efficient as possible. Our writers are also here to help bring your attention to the most important personal aspects of the growing entrepreneur, and to help you hone your skills and yourself in order to be the best entrepreneur you can be.

Leading Your Team to Success

How does workplace culture affect the success of a business? Along with offering free Excel business templatesand showing you how to start-up in the UK, WikiCrea is here with valuable insight on being the best manager you can be and leading your business to long-term success. And that’s definitely not all : we’re developing plenty of articles on visual marketing, content marketing, and communications strategies for customer loyalty that will help propel your business towards the kind of growth you’ve dreamed of. On top of that, we even include articles that alert you to the most common rookie slip-ups. No matter what, WikiCrea has your back. 

What else?

WikiCrea is your ally in the dynamics of business creation. Here, you have free access to dozens of articles intended to help you create your enterprise. From tips for leaders promoting company culture to run-downs helping you get acquainted with tax practices when launching a startup in the UK, WikiCrea plans to consistently release content relevant to a variety of entrepreneurs. We’re here to dive into in the nuances of creating and maintaining an enterprise, and aim to provide you with diverse content that will demystify the various steps of creating a successful business. Whether you’re trying to write a business plan with our free Excel business templates, attract investors, or hang onto your loyal clients, WikiCrea’s resources are here to help. Creating a company may seem like a complicated undertaking;

WikiCrea is here to help you keep it simple.