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how to register a business partnership in the united kingdom

UK: How To Set Up a Business Partnership?

5/5 (1) In the same spirit as our previous posts about registering as a sole trader or as a private limited company, here we’ll explore the characteristics of the business partnership status. We’ve...

UK : how to set up a private limited company ?

UK: How to Set Up a Private Limited Company

5/5 (5) We hope our article about choosing the right business structure in the UK was useful. In this new article, we’ll give you all the information you’ll need if you decide to...

UK : how to set up as a sole trader

UK: How to Set Up as a Sole Trader

5/5 (4) In a previous post, we introduced you to the three main types of business structures to start up a company in the UK: sole trader, partnership and limited company. In this...