Free Excel Financial Plan Template (for small business and startup)

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How does one create a financial plan or business plan? WikiCrea offers you the best solution with this Excel financial plan template to download for free. This business template is ideal for your business project. The Excel template can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

Definition: The financial plan – business plan or financial business plan – presents financial data that show the general balance expected for your activity (viability, profitability) and the relevance of the commercial and financial assumptions retained.

Any business project involves a financial plan. The financial forecast plan is part of the complete business plan.

The financial plan is particularly important when seeking funding, as it will be analyzed by potential funders and especially bankers.

Making a financial plan is a major step towards launching your business!

The content of the financial plan

The financial plan usually shows :

  • A financing plan (presenting the investments and sources of financing)
  • A 3-year income statement (distinguishing between variable and fixed expenses)
  • A forecast balance sheet
  • Cash flow and net self-financing
  • the calculation of the break-even point
  • the details of depreciation
  • the details of wages and social charges
  • the calculation of the working capital requirement
  • the estimated cash budget, over one year or over 3 years.

An Excel financial plan, free to download

The most efficient and downloaded financial plan on the web.

Click to download our 3-year financial plan template: Business plan template Excel free

This model is suitable for all types of traditional activities: commerce, crafts, liberal professions…

Estimated completion time: 15 to 25 minutes.

Read before using this Excel Simple Automated Financial Plan Template:

This automated financial plan template has been designed for use by everybody:

  • a single sheet is to be completed (fill in the green boxes only), in which you have to enter the basic data of your business project: easy!
  • some cells must be filled in (see mentions in red),
  • read the explanations next to the boxes,
  • once the entry is complete, the final financial plan appears in the following sheet (do not change inside this tab).

It’s your turn!

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    You will have to pay to edit the file and enter your content so it’s NOT free.

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    this is good for helping new bussiness

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