Terms of Sales

Terms of Sales

The sales conditions contained herein have been agreed upon by SIDDIL SAS, whose corporate headquarters are situated at 1 bis côte du Calvaire, 12200 Villefranche-de-Rouergue, registered with the Register of Commerce and Societies of Rodez under the number 824 603 823, hereafter known as SIDDIL SAS, managing WikiCréa’s website (www.my-business-plans.com), and any person or corporate entity wishing to proceed with a purchase on WikiCréa (www.my-business-plans.com), hereafter known as “the buyer.”

Article 1. Object

The following sales conditions aim to define the contractual relationship between SIDDIL SAS and the buyer, as well as the conditions applicable to all purchases carried out via WikiCréa’s website (www.my-business-plans.com). The acquisition of a product or service via this website implies an unconditional acceptance of the conditions presented herein, which the buyer acknowledges having consulted prior to placing his/her order. Prior to any transaction, the buyer recognizes his/her full legal capacity, permitting him/her to commit to the general sales conditions contained in this document.

The enterprise SIDDIL SAS retains the right to modify sales conditions at any time, in keeping with new regulations or in the interest of improving the use of its website. Hence, the applicable conditions will be those in vigor on the date upon which the buyer places his/her order.

Article 2. Products

The products and services proposed are those that can be found on WikiCréa’s website (www.my-business-plans.com) owned by the enterprise SIDDIL SAS, within the limits of availability. SIDDIL SAS retains the right to modify its products or services at any time. Each product or service is presented on the website in the form of a description outlining its principal technical characteristics. Photographs are as faithful as possible but are in no way binding for the vendor. The sale of products and services available on WikiCréa’s website (www.my-business-plans.com) is destined for buyers in metropolitan France.

Article 3. Pricing

The prices stated on product sheets in the internet catalog are in Euros, all tax included (TTC), including the TVA applicable on the day the order is placed. Any changes to the TVA rate will be taken into account in the product’s price. SIDDIL SAS reserves the right to change prices at any time, keeping in mind that the price stated in the catalogue on the day of a given order will be the price applicable to the buyer. Indicated prices do not include eventual shipping costs, which are added to the price of the chosen article(s) according to the sum of the entire order.

Article 4. Orders and modes of payment

Prior to placing an order, the buyer must create an account on WikiCréa’s website (www.my-business-plans.com). The account creation rubric is accessible directly from the site’s homepage. If the buyer wishes to place an order or consult his/her account (order status, profile) he/she must login using his/her predetermined login data. SIDDIL SAS offers buyers a multi-step process by which to place his/her order, including three possible payment options:

Payment by Bank Wire: The buyer chooses the products he/she wishes to order and places them in the “cart,” making modifications where desired/necessary (quantities, references, etc.), verifies the eventual shipping address or adds another. The shipping costs will be calculated and transmitted to the buyer, as well as the name of the transporting company. Then, the buyer may choose the desired payment method, “payment by bank wire.” The last step will ask him/her to verify his/her information, read and accept the applicable sales conditions by checking the corresponding box, and then validate his/her order by clicking on the button marked “Confirm my Order.” This last click constitutes the definitive conclusion of the contract. As soon as the order is validated, the buyer will receive an electronic order form confirming the order’s registration. In order to finalize his/her payment, the buyer must contact his/her bank in order to complete the wire corresponding to the total sum of his/her order, and send the correct amount to SIDDIL SAS’s bank account, whose coordinates will be communicated to the buyer. Once payment is received, the buyer’s order will be processed and the buyer will be informed via email. SIDDIL SAS will ship the product(s) at the earliest 2 business days after the processing of the order, or will provide non-material services at the latest within 40 business days following the reception of the bank wire/processing of the order.

Secure Payment via PayPal or Credit Card: The buyer chooses the products he/she wishes to order and places them in the “cart,” making modifications where desired/necessary (quantities, references, etc.), verifies the eventual shipping address or adds another. The shipping costs will be calculated and transmitted to the buyer, as well as the name of the transporting company. Then, the buyer may choose the desired payment method, “Payment by PayPal.” The following step proposes that the buyer verify the ensemble of his/her information, reads and accepts the applicable sales conditions by checking the corresponding box, and invites the buyer to validate his/her order by clicking “Confirm my Order.” Following this, the buyer will be redirected to PayPal’s secure payment interface in order to safely enter his credit card or PayPal information. If the payment is accepted, the order will be saved and the contract definitively established. Payment by credit card or PayPal is irrevocable. In cases of credit card or PayPal fraud, the buyer can request the cancellation of his/her card, and the spent sum will be returned or reconstituted. A card-owner does not commit his responsibility to pay a sum that has been proven fraudulent, remote, and without physical use of the card. In order to obtain reimbursement for credit card or PayPal fraud, and for the eventual charges one might incur because of them, the card carrier must contest, in writing, the fraudulent sum, to his/her bank, within 70 days of the incident, or 120 according to one’s contract. The fraudulent sum(s) are reimbursed by the bank within a month after reception of the written contestation submitted by the card carrier. The card carrier cannot be charged with fees relating to the restitution of this/these sum(s).

The confirmation of an order implies the acceptance of these sales conditions, the recognition of total familiarity with them, and the renunciation other sales conditions not contained herein. The information provided by the buyer and the processing of the order serve as proof of the transaction. If the buyer possesses an email address and inputs it when placing his/her order, SIDDIL SAS will send the buyer an electronic confirmation of his/her order’s registration.

If the buyer wishes to contact SIDDIL SAS, he/she can do so by sending a letter via post to the following address: 1 bis côte du Calvaire, 12200 Villefranche-de-Rouergue; or by sending an email to [email protected].

Article 5. Reservation of Ownership

The entreprise SIDDIL SAS retains full and complete ownership of the products sold prior to total collection of their total price, including applicable taxes and fees.

Article 6. Returns

By virtue of article L121-20 of the Consumer’s Code, the buyer has a period of 14 business days after the shipping of his/her order to exercise his retraction rights and return the product to the seller in exchange for a reimbursement without penalty, excepting return fees.

Article 7. Shipping

Orders are shipped to the address indicated on the order form and must be in the agreed-upon geographic zone. Orders are sent through the post via COLISSIMO, a shipping service with record tracking and delivery without signature. Shipping times are estimations; however, if an article has not been shipped within 30 days of the order confirmation, the order should be cancelled and the customer reimbursed. SIDDIL SAS can provide the buyer with his order tracking number via email. The buyer’s product will be shipped to his/her home by the individual charged with delivering it. In the event that the buyer is not at home to receive the package, he will receive a notice of passage which will permit him/her to retrieve his articles at the nearest Post office, within a period specified by postal services. Any risks linked to transport are the responsibility of the transporting company as soon as the articles leave the SIDDIL SAS premises. The buyer is asked to verify in the presence of the delivery man/woman the state of the package and the merchandise contained therein at the moment of delivery. In the event of damages sustained during transport, any protestation should be communicated to the delivering party within three days of the reception of the shipment.

Article 8. Warranty

All products sold by the enterprise SIDDIL SAS fall under a legal warranty according to articles 1641 and following in the Civil Code. In the event that a sold product does not conform to its description, it can be returned to SIDDIL SAS, who will accept it, exchange or reimburse it. All claims and/or requests for exchange or refunded should be done via post and sent to the following address:   SIDDIL SAS, 1 bis côte du Calvaire, 12200 Villefranche-de-Rouergue, within 30 days of shipment and delivery.

Article 9. Responsibility

The entreprise SIDDIL SAS, in the framework of remote sales, is only bound by a best-efforts obligation. It cannot be held responsible for damages resulting from an Internet network such as the loss of data, intrusion, viruses, service ruptures, or other involuntary problems.

Article 10. Intellectual Property

All of the elements contained on the WikiCréa website (www.my-business-plans.com) are and remain the intellectual and exclusive property of SIDDIL SAS. No one is permitted to reproduce, exploit, or use even partially, for any reason, elements of the website, whether they be in the form of photography, text, graphic designs, or other visual elements.

Article 11. Personal Information

SIDDIL SAS is committed to protecting the confidentiality of the information its buyers provide, though it is occasionally brought to share certain parts of that information in order to carry out specific services. All information concerning this is subject to the provisions of law n° 78-17 of January 6, 1978. On this basis, the site user has at his/her disposal the right to access, modify, and/or delete pertinent information. He/she may request this at any time by sending a written request to: SIDDIL SAS, 1 bis côte du Calvaire, 12200 Villefranche-de-Rouergue.

Article 12. Settlement of Disputes

The present sales conditions are subject to French law. For all litigation or contentions, the relevant Tribunal is that of Rodez, France.